Deb’s Cabo San Lucas update…

Hello All!
We have been here in Cabo for 2 days which has been nice. We came into Cabo just at Sunrise, and it was beautiful. Cabo and the Arches have to be one of the prettiest landfalls I’ve seen. AS we were getting ready to turn into the bay, a big whale breeches about 200 yards ahead of us. 2/3’s of his body out of the water! Then waves his tale and then his fins. Soooo cool. Coming in at dawn was also exciting because there was a big Fishing tournament going on for Muscular Dystrophy. There must have been 200 fishing boats within a mile of the harbor going North while we were trying to go South. I swear it looked like LA!
Cabo is definitely feeling the effects of the Drug Wars at the border. It is very quiet, for Cabo. Definitely fewer people, but of course there are not 250 sailors here after a race and it’s not spring break, but still, the restaurants are empty and the bars are suffering. We are staying in the Marina, so we get to listen to the Music from the bars while going to sleep. Actually it’s nice. Then the Fish boats start at dawn, so I get some quiet time for coffee and email. Ita has LOVED being on land. Being able to walk and pee whenever she wants is her version of heaven. I have a big canvas bag I carry with me. Whenever we go into a store, bar or restaurant, or when she feels she has walked far enough, thank you very much, she jumps in the bag and goes to sleep. No one knows. Occasionally the bag will move when she makes herself more comfortable, but so far, so good. If anyone is thinking a cruising with a dog, get a lazy one.
Later today we are off for Puerto Vallarta. 35 hours or so to get there, so we leave this afternoon and arrive Sat am.
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  1. Hi-
    Glad to se you made it to Cabo. Love the sialor dog picture of schmitty! glad she is figuring our the sialing life. Was with Denise and your brother last night- West Side Story- we missed you! But discussed various plans on meeting up. More soon. Oregon this weekend…ugh! DO I dare say it…Go Bears!!!


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