Deb’s update…

Well, as those following Spot can tell, we spent the night in Magdalena Bay (Mag Bay). I highly recommend coming into a pitch dark harbor you’ve never been into at night instead of crack. Really gets the heart pumping, but the long term damage isn’t as great.
Any way, after safely making it into the bay, using all the cool toys Jim has on the boat to make it safe to do so, we anchored… Many marriages have ended in divorce after anchoring drills, especially in the dark. It usually starts with a husband on the bow of the boat yelling directions at his wife she has no clue how to interpret. Well Jim hates that look, so we do our anchoring quietly, usually with socially acceptable hand signals. Those don’t work in the dark, so did a “whisper anchoring”… Jim speaking very softly on the bow telling me what to do. Good thing I’ve done this before and know what “wishhh thsss doss” means.

So we are here for the day, which we hope to spend with Torben and Judy Bentsen from RYC and then onto Cabo. Only 125 miles! That’s 1/3 of the way to Panama!
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  1. It's sooo much better when said unknown harbor is on a lee shore, with a narrow entrance. I guy I used to sail with on the East coast put us in that position not just once, but twice.

    Anchoring with the two of you sounds so calm, almost yogic.


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