Always turn the gas off at the bottle!!!

Holy Cow!! What a start to our morning here in Turtle Bay!

Just after sunrise this morning, Deb and I heard the loudest explosion that either of us had ever heard. It sounded pretty far away, and given our trips to Mexico in the past and the explosives training provided by my brother Bob on past Mexican races, we just assumed it was Turtle Bay’s traditional way to greet the morning.

Not true!!

When we got up an hour later, we looked over towards town and there was what was left of a 50+ foot boat (we later found it was from France) burning to the waterline. There had been one person onboard and when he lit his stove the entire boat exploded.

We assumed that anyone onboard had to have been killed but later found that the one person onboard had managed to get quickly to his dingy and escaped with only burns to his arms and face.

As you might imagine, we are currently double checking our gas systems, and turning the gas off at the tank!!

Off again in a few minutes for Mag Bay and Cabo. Hope to catch Torben and Judy Bentsen soon!!


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