Pacific Cup ’08 – – Miscellany

MW – Fishing and Gaming Correspondent – Morpheus Bureau – About 380 miles west of San Francisco

As pointed out in prior post,s there has been little happening on board Morpheus the last few days. Consequently we have had no time to blog about what we have not been doing. I will attempt to remedy that oversight with this post.


No fish. Hooked something big and heavy at dusk a couple days ago on the light line. Never saw it. It went deep. After playing it about 15 minutes we got it close to the surface, it swam under Morpheus dragged the line across the rudder and broke it. Another lost lure.

We had three lines in the water yesterday, one today. Nada. Nada. But on a positive note, we have lost no additional lures.


Thursday I won the Morpheus Liars Dice Tournament. It was not close. I never lose at that game.

Wednesday we established a pool for arrival under the gate. Entries:

Scott 1:00 PM Sunday
Jim 3:00 PM Sunday
Deb 5:00 PM Sunday
Mike 7:00 PM Sunday

Closest time wins. Loser buys the first round on land. Winner picks the drink. All four passengers must still be on board as we cross under the gate for results to be certified official.

As cocktail hour convened today, Debby – fresh from the shower – claimed the only guaranteed dry spot directly under the dodger – She explained she was wearing her last clean dry clothes. Being gentlemen, the rest of the Morpheus crew, of course, acquiesced.

Do I even have to say what happened? Freak wave smacked the dodger at an odd angle, sending a river of water surging under the dodger and along the sliding door guide, pouring a bucket of water directly into Debby’s lap.

The Morpheus is not a happy boat right now.

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  1. Hello Morpheus. As you approach home, I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading your blog (both ways). I am the sister-in-law of one of the crew on Music (George) and am seriously wondering how I will survive without the daily “read”. You should write a book. Seriously. All the best to you,Kristi McKiney


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