Pacific Cup ’08 – Almost There

This will probably be the last update for the 2008 Pacific Cup.
If last night was nice, this is twice as good! Perfect sailing conditions of about 20 knots, spinnaker up, pole back and heading right for the mark.
Looks like we’ll be somewhere about 2-3 hours too late to catch the Hula Girl and her crew. Congratulations to them, they did what they needed to, and a bit more, to win the race between our two boats. Now, both of us will spend some time after our finishes watching Recidivist and Sabrina behind us. Both of those boats have a good chance to correct our in front of us, and perhaps even Hula Girl. Time will tell.
Onboard Morpheus it really has been a great trip. Most of the regulars agree this is the most talented and compatible crew yet. No issues or complaints onboard, and perhaps some of us are just a little bit sad to see the finish line so close.
In any case, I need to get up on deck and enjoy what little is left of this great trip.
Thanks for checking in on us!
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