Pacific Cup ’08 – Fast out of the Gate!

Morpheus here. 9pm. All good. Winds as per forecast. We are not going slowly, and its a pretty wild ride. Sounds like Niagra Falls on deck, and pretty hard to type down here. Hula Girl just ahead and going slightly more South than us. We’re doing our best to keep them close.
So…let’s leave it at that for now.
PS. Our East Coast friend thinks he’s been sold a bill of goods! Perhaps we didn’t stress the conditions during the first two days during our sales pitch???
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  1. Go Morpheus! Already miss y’all and happy to have such an early blog update. Tell East Coast Friend(s) to enjoy the ride! 😉XOXOXO Susu


  2. you guys all know it, just don’t forget it – the first 72 hours make the race – hike your asses off! get away from the coast- its all gravy after that!Gruver.


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