San Diego to PV ’08: Day # too many

Well tonight we will dine on “too slow” stew. Thanks Deb!!
Today’s roll call not so impressive. Did fine with almost everyone but Valkyrie really pulled off an impressive run yesterday. Congrats to them on that. Yesterday, was not an easy day.
So, now we find ourselves in the apparently ridiculous position of praying for continued frustration and light air through the afternoon. Our only hope for first now is to see the boats in front slowed by the evening shutoff with us pulling up into their neighborhood for a restart in the AM.
As it is, we are set up for the ultimate dissapointment of seeing the first three (maybe four) boats make it to the finish line prior to the wind shutting down and then spending another evening drifting in light air in order to end up 4th. Ugh.
What will it be?? Who knows. I’m willing to bet though that our families and friends are having a great time on shore!!
1:35pm PST….4 knots of wind from 307M. 4 knots of speed. And…this is a highlight of the last few hours!!
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