San Diego to PV ’08: Day 1

What a perfect afternoon of sailing we had leaving San Diego today.
Very happy with our start, we were able to keep our air clear and the boat really seemed to do well in the early sailing out the channel. 8-11 knots of breeze on the wind and sometime slightly cracked off we seemed to do just fine, until the wind came aft for a bit too much for the small headsails and not far enough aft to get us into our code0. We could do nothing but watch Valkyrie sail off head.
As the day ended, the wind grew progressively lighter which is not good for us, but we were well positioned with half the fleet to either side. We think we held our own until about 6:30 when we had to tack away from land, and now the wind is down to 3.3 knots and we’re not having much fun trying to keep the boat moving towards the finish while working offshore where we expect to find some more wind.
Wish we had the benefit of the tracking system. We could see who has wind and who does not. As we see it, nobody around us has much more than us, so we’ll just have to see where the new wind comes from. Someone will probably sneak away. Forecast says its going to be light all night. Ugh…
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