Well….we thought we won the first race on Thursday, but…

Looks like the race committee called the first race a bit differently than we saw it onboard Mutiny. We rounded the last mark in third did a bear away set and then a gybe. The wind went left another 5-10 degrees downwind, and when we gybed again we realized we were even with the guys to our left and racing for 1st!! Pretty exciting series of crosses, gybes, and a photo finish at the end. Three boats in three seconds. Wow!

The second race was just not our friend. We rounded the top mark again in third about half a boat length behind 2nd, and when we tried to hoist the bag came out of the hatch with the sail and then dropped off. So…80% of the spin. fell right into the water. Full on nightmare shrimping adventure. Wrap around the keel, etc. It is most likely an xSpinnaker now. That adventure put us in seventh approaching the leeward mark, when boat #6 inside of us decided to sail for the finish bouy rather than one of the gates. Unreal…we had to drop the spin, and tack around to get back to the leeward gate. Anyway….we managed to crawl back into 4th on the next leg, only to sail slowly downwind with the less than optimal light air VMG kite while running in 18-20 knots.

Maybe today will be more like the first race yesterday???

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