Norfolk Harbor

Naval Station Norfolk, in Norfolk, Virginia, is a base of the United States Navy, supporting naval forces operating in the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, and Indian Ocean.
NS Norfolk, also known as the Norfolk Navy Base, occupies about 4,300 acres (17 km²) of Hampton Roads real estate in a peninsula known as Sewell’s Point. It is the world’s largest Naval Station; in fact, based on supported military population, it is the largest naval installation/base in the world. When the 75 ships and 134 aircraft homeported here are not at sea, they are along side one of the 13 piers or inside one of the 11 aircraft hangars for repair, refit, training and to provide the ship’s or squadron’s crew an opportunity to be with their families. NS Norfolk is homeport to aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers, large amphibious ships, submarines, a variety of supply and logistics ships, C-2 Greyhound, C-9 Skytrain II, C-12 Huron and E-2 Hawkeye fixed wing aircraft, and H-3 Sea King, CH-46 Sea Knight, CH-53 Sea Stallion, and SH-60 Seahawk helicopters.

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