Sailing South

Our “plan” is to sail through New York Harbor on November 11th and turn right heading for St. Martin in the Caribbean.  If all goes well we will arrive 8 days later and another winter season in the Caribbean will begin!!

Well, so much for that plan.

We had to delay due to weather and now after losing two of my three crew, Doug Jorgensen and I are setting off for Bermuda tomorrow morning (hopefully).

UPDATE 11/23 – Doug and I arrived in Bermuda!!  Tired, inspired, and unharmed!!

I will sit in Bermuda during the Thanksgiving timeframe.  Afterwards, I will be joined by my brother, Victor Gray, and Jeff Hager on Dec. 3rd for the sail down to St. Martin.  If all goes well, we will arrive on Dec. 8/9.

We will do our best to post daily blog updates.  But, with #1 delivery crew Mike Wallach staying home for this one who knows if that will actually happen.

You can track our progress here >>>>

Our crew for this 1,500nm journey will be


Bermuda to St. Martin

Brother Bob

Victor Gray

Jeff Hager



New York to Bermuda

Wish us luck!!